Honoring Flemington Speedway’s Most Influential Persons, the inaugural recipient was Al Tasnady, and the award was renamed to honor him.

Voting Criteria:

1.) the supreme nature of the nominee’s accomplishments at (or for) Flemington Speedway

2.) the nominee’s primary identification with Flemington Speedway

3.) the consistency and duration of the nominee’s Flemington Speedway performance and service

4.) the nominee’s enthusiastic and enduring support of Flemington Speedway, professionally and personally

5.) the long term effects, beyond statistics, of the nominee’s influence on Flemington Speedway

How the Vote Works: Only current dues-paying members of FSHS are eligible to vote. Voters should take the time to learn about each nominee, and consider their Flemington career against the voting criteria. Note this is not a “Most Popular Persons” ballot. Each vote is an important privilege, and should be used for the worthiest nominees.  

Honored, thus far:
  • 2012
    • Al Tasnady  (inaugural) 
  • 2013
    • Paul Kuhl
    •  Billy Pauch
  • 2014
    • Stan Ploski 
    • Bill Singer  
    • Ace Lane Sr.  
    • Ken Brenn Sr.  
    • Sammy Beavers 
  • 2015
    • Jackie McLaughlin  
    • Ken Brenn Jr.  
    • Glenn Fitzcharles  
    • Jim Horton Sr.  
  • 2016
    • Gerald Chamberlain
    • Budd Olsen  
    • Ace Lane Jr.  
    • Bob Pickell 
  • 2018
    • ​Harry Dee
    • Kenny Brightbill
    • Billy Osmun
    • ​Ray Liss
  • 2020
    • ​Ollie Butler
    • John Norcia
    • Ed Farley
    • ​Les Katona

The Tas Award